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Mold Remediation & Restoration Services

Spectrum Property Services Inc. offers complete mold inspection, remediation and post-clearance testing services ( performed by third party), as well as water intrusion solutions, to ensure the thorough, permanent removal of any mold that may be detected.



Reasons to Suspect Mold

Recent Flooding
Damp Basements or Condensation
High Humidity
Water Stains on Walls
Musty Odors
Cracked Peeling Paint
Leaky Pipes
Warped Wood especially particle board
Allergy Symptoms
Gutters Full of Leaves
Visible Mold Growth
Black Growth on Bathroom Tiles
Leaky Roof
Drywall Tape Separating from Walls


Spectrum Property Services Inc. will submit a written proposal to the client for possible remediation for the property. The proposal includes:
Background information given by the inspector
Estimation of Technician
For Your Information
Laboratory results (if applicable)
Health Effects of Mold
Scope of Work
Limitations, Liabilities, and Exclusions
Contractual Agreement/Monetary Terms
Contact Information and Accreditations

After the client has received the proposal, it is at the client’s discretion to call Spectrum Property Services Inc to schedule remediation for the property. The client and Spectrum Property Services Inc representative will collaborate with the time and date of remediation. A crew of certified mold remediators will arrive at the property at the scheduled time and date. All water infiltration and intrusion issues must be addressed prior to Spectrum Property Services Inc’s remediation of the property to prevent mold contamination to the same area.

The remediation process includes the following:

Set up Polyethylene Containment Barrier
Set up Negative Air Machine
Remove any damaged materials and discard in 6-mil polyethylene sheeting
HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) sand and vacuum any contaminated horizontal and/or vertical surfaces
Apply anti-fungal biocide with sprayer
Encapsulate with anti-microbial paint
Apply cold-mist air fogger (if applicable)
Treat the HVAC system (if applicable)
Re-build or build-back any items that were removed during remediation (if applicable)

Once the remediation has concluded, the project manager will then inform the client of remediation completion and schedule a post remediation testing to ensure all mold has been removed from the area, upon the client’s request. A Certificate of Remediation will be issued to the client either when the remediation is completed or after the results are provided from the post- remediation testing.



Health problems that are commonly attributed to mold exposure include:

Memory lapses
Digestive problems
Chronic aches and pains
Itching or irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin
Sinus infections and sinusitis
Skin rashes
Upper and lower respiratory infections

 Spectrum Property Services Inc. provides you with the most valuable tool. “Your time”. Spectrum realizes that there are many trades that can be associated with water or mold issues. We feel that providing you complete job coordination from identifying the source of the problem to returning your home to original condition is an important service we can offer you.

Regardless of its size or complexity, Spectrum Property Services Inc. has the highly specialized knowledge to complete your project with exceptional results. We employ highly-trained, experienced professionals to ensure the proper diagnosis and remedy for your specific air quality concern.

When you choose Spectrum Property Services Inc., our dedicated skilled team will work safely, in a timely manner, and with minimal disturbance to your home. Our competitive pricing and superior customer service are added advantages. And because Spectrum Property Services Inc. is licensed and insured, so you're assured the highest quality service for every project you entrust to us.

All remediation services at your residence or business are performed by highly trained, skilled technicians who are directly employed by Spectrum Property Services Inc. - never subcontractors. We use procedures and protocols established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Certifications from the Professional Mold Inspection Institute, along with industry proven technologies. Our successes are verified through final clearance testing.

If your home or place of business is found to have unusual levels of mold, it can be removed and brought back to its original condition. If water intrusion has caused the problem, it must be remedied prior to the mold removal, or the mold will grow back. Spectrum Property Services Inc. offers complete mold inspection, remediation and post-clearance testing services ( performed by third party), as well as water intrusion solutions, to ensure the thorough, permanent removal of any mold that may be detected.

Water Damage Restoration

The damage caused by water intrusion is one of the most destructive things that can occur in your home or place of business. If not rectified promptly, the problem quickly worsens and ultimately costs significant time and money to repair. Spectrum Property Services Inc. unparalleled extraction and repair process includes the following:

Powerful truck mounted and portable extraction units remove water
Heavy-duty submersible and gas-powered pumps eliminates high water level
Efficient drying equipment prevents metal corrosion, swelling, warping of floors, walls and furniture
Moisture detectors, hygrometers and other meters measures moisture saturation
Thorough inspection of hidden damage from water and attention to structural issues such as sub-floors, floor coverings, drywalls, trim/baseboards and painting Drying and Dehumidification
Industrial dehumidifiers remove water and moisture from drywall, plaster, paint, cement, carpets, insulations and basements
Advanced drying equipment return high humidity and moisture to normal levels
State-of-the-art sanitizing agents, germicides and anti-microbial treatments to stop growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew and harmful microorganisms
Advanced mold remediation equipment such as negative air machines, air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, and personal protection equipment to remove all mold spores from the floors, ceilings, walls and ductwork
Expanded cleaning of entire carpet in affected area